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Laughs Giggles and Guffaws

I've never thought of myself as a comedian but over the years I've written quite a few humour pieces. A big thank you to Bubblews for providing a place for me to scribble a lot of these stories down and inspiring me to continue on my own. Hubpages taught me how to bunch them together into logical articles. This page is a catalogue of my humour on the Internet. Click on the pictures or titles to access each piece. Please keep in mind that while some are just mildly amusing some are hysterical and if you choke on food or snort your drink I am not responsible.

Family and Friends

Lost In the Translation

Married to a French-Canadian girl and having grown up in the rest of Canada has led to some funny confusing language barrier moments. This a collection of the best of those stories so far.

In the Workplace 

Conversations With Customer Service

Working in a call centre answering the telephone all day long can be stressful. There are people and situations that are just plain laugh out loud funny. This is the first collection of call centre stories I wrote.

More Conversations With Customer Service

On the suggestion of some of my Hubpages fellow authors, I put together a second collection of call centre stories. I may be able to come up with a third one but that one would still be somewhere off in the future.

The Three Towers of Evil

I can't say the story or the situation here was really very funny but the practical joke ending to the story is just so apropos. Management was quite amused.

Memories of an Old Cabinetmaker

Dave and Steve were unique former employers of mine. For me this article is a bit of nostalgia mixed with humour. I really like these two guys but they made for some entertaining moments.


Learning the Ropes the Hard Way

My first fully self-contained multi day bicycle tour. For your entertainment I learned many lessons the hard way. Some of this way funnier after the fact.

Tandem Terror

An amateur bicycle mechanic has a bright idea and I get suckered into riding with him. I don't believe we had a real chance to win that race even if we hadn't crashed out "training".

Captain Underwear

Cycling fashion fail for me. I was actually completely unaware of how I was being seen by the general public.

Hope That Ego Boost Lasts All Day

Draft then pass. I do not understand the thrill of passing an overloaded self-contained bicycle tourist stripped down on a racing bike. I've run into these people so many times.


My Misunderstood Sense of Humour

Another collections of stories recovered from my Bubblews account. This is a random collection of things I found funny. Future additions to Hubpages will have a recognizable theme.

There is a lot of other material coming. It's just a matter of editing and reformatting. If you like the humour you find here share it bookmark it whatever you want. I hope to continue tickling your funny bone now and then.